Friday, November 14, 2008


Chillaxin: the act of "chillin" which simultaneously "relaxin"

This is me chillaxin in da Bahamas baby!

The topic for this week's Spin Cycle is relaxation.

I come from a family of homebodies. We get together to watch The Office and lately Survivor. Our idea of successful Sunday is an afternoon nap and an early dinner.

It's kind of hard to spend your days off relaxing when you're married to the most productive man on plant earth and king of to-do lists. Packy's happiest when he's crossing things off of those lists while simultaneously adding more and more items to plan and conquer.

So when we married and my man wanted to get out and do rather then stay in and do not, there was a little more giving we each had to muster. For instance, I've become somewhat of a list maker. I'm not consistant, nor do I create a spreadsheet for each task like Packy (not an exaduration). But I do create simple to-do lists on a fairly regular basis.

Packy, on the other hand, has become better at relaxing ali-style. He's even taken a Sunday nap or two since we've been married.

I guess marriage is all about give and take. And the longer you're with someone the more you gravitate toward the mean of your personalities. But I will probably always enjoy full-on relaxation more than my hubby and that's okay. I can't help it if I'm awesome at relaxation.

Love, aloicious


Sprite's Keeper said...

Hey there! Sorry I missed this, I've been on the run all day. I'm adding you to this week and next week's as well so everyone can see it. John is more like you and I'm more like Packy. I had to slow my pace down to match John's laid back approach. Now, I love Sunday naps, even more when I'm off on Monday! (Also love The Office!) You're linked!

Krystal said...

Oh, I am so totally like you!! Hubby is like your Packy - too much to do and apparently not enough time to do it! Awesome Spin!!

Krystal said...

So totally second!!! awesome!!! and third too!!!! wooo hoo!! Top 5!!

Laufa said...

We do snuggle time with the kids every night, that way it slows us all down before bed. Jealous of the Bahamas pic though.