Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America has elected the first African American president

It truly is a historic day. I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket. I think Palin was a horrible choice for VP in more ways than one. But I think McCain would have made an excellent Commander in Chief. I felt secure at the prospect of a nation led by that man. Watching McCain's concede the presidency I ached. And part of it is because I'm a sucker and I don't like it when people have to loose. But also because I really believed in John McCain.

I must admit, it's hard not to feel inspired when you listen to Barack Obama deliver a speech. From what I've seen he seems to be a man of character and I'm clinging to that. I hope he can bring our country together and improve the image that the rest of the world has of America. But I'm afraid I have the same feeling in my stomach that I get seated in an airplane racing down the runway, hands gripping the seat rests. You remind yourself that everything is going to be alright, you've done this before. But there's something tugging at the back of your mind reminding you that there is a possibility you're seconds away from crashing and burning.

And all you can do is squeeze your eyes shut and pray... for four years. Here's to four better years then the last eight combined.

Love, aloicious


Casey said...

Sorry your guy lost but I really think Obama is going to be great. Thanks for staying positive! How's HASAY?

Cellobella said...

I think the mettle of a person is proven when they lose.

John McCain proved to me in his concession speech that he was a worthy candidate.

I think Obama will bring hope not just to America but the world and I hope he is as gracious in victory as McCain was in defeat.

Ali-Pants said...

I didn't work out yesterday, but I am going to run tonight. Thanks for keeping me in check!