Friday, October 24, 2008

Spin Cycle: Tricks

It's that time again: SPIN CYCLE TIME! Thanks again Sprite's Keeper. The subject of this spin cycle is "Trick or Treat".

I can't think about all the tricks I've played without thinking of my dear friend Danielle. She is the queen of prank calls. I've stayed up many a night with her calling random numbers out of the phone book. This was before the invention of caller ID and before Mario Party. We were on a SERIOUS Mario Party kick for a while.

Anyways, she was a master at voices. On one particular occasion she made up a character she called Karen. Karen was a telemarketer who worked for many organizations. She did survey's for Smiths Food and Drug, asking people how much toilet paper they purchased and what types of pastries they preferred. She also verified orders from a site that's not very family friendly. Lets just say the recipient of that particular call had to verify a color and a length. NAUGHTY. Who knew this girl would soon be preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in a far away land... Okay, Texas is not THAT far. But she might as well be in China.

My favorite prank call by "Karen" was when she called from Here's an idea of how the call would go:

Jo Shmo: Hello?

Karen: Hello, is this Jo?

Jo Shmo: Yes, who is this?

Karen: Oh hi Jo! This is Karen from I'm just calling to let you know that you've been selected as our Grasshopper of the Month. We'd like to send you a free chocolate bar as a gift and sign you up for the releasing of the butterflys this weekend. How many guests will you be bringing?

Jo: Um... I think you've got the wrong number.

Karen: Oh? Is this Jo Shmo?

Jo: Yes, but I've never even heard of

Karen: But sir, we have all your infomation right here. You live on such and such street. You're screenname is SexyBugLover123. It's all here sir.

Jo: No that's not me, there's been some mistake.

Karen: Well, Jo, we'd really like to send you a free chocolate bar and invite you to the releasing of the butterflys anyway.

Jo: Is this a joke?

Karen: NO SIR, we don't joke about the releasing of the butterflys.

At about this point they'd either get mad or be laughing and hang up on us. We'd all be rolling on the floor, stifling giggles, while she worked her magic. And she never broke character, no matter what the person on the other end of the line did. Oh how I miss that silly girl...

Love, ali


Sprite's Keeper said...

Releasing of the butterflies! I would have falled for that HARD! Good one and a great Spin! Glad you're back, Ali! You're linked!

HeatherPride said...

Oh, that is an awesome story!!! I am so impressed with Karen! I think I'll ask my minister if she can do a guest sermon for us sometime, think? Although it would require a trip to St. Louis, but she seems like a cool girl, so she won't mind.

Casey said...

Your friend sounds hilarious. I haven't made prank calls since middle school but they sure were fun when we could keep it together.

Rachel said...

Hee hee. Funny AND clever. A good friend to have!

Summer said...

Wait a flippin minute... I believe at one point in my life a million years ago, I may have received a call from this 'Karen'. And believe it or not until this day I never knew YOU AliCat were behind it!! LOL! Yup Danielle rocked it, she never let on, not once!

Ali-Pants said...

Ha ha! That's awesome that we called you, and that you remember!