Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ska anyone?

That's right. I was somewhat of a ska kid. And not just any ska kid. A Christian ska kid. We skanked FOR THE LORD!!

Okay, I wasn't strictly a Christian ska child. But I did love ska. And for some reason none of Five Iron Frenzy's cds made it to digital form during the great transfer of our massive CD collection to I-Tunes in the early days of our marriage. So when I found their CD's yesterday I was somewhat giddy.

I've been doing a little filing the past few days for Packy's work. I'm basically in the backroom all day with my Ipod putting papers in files. I've been jamming to some Less Than Jake and Death Cab, some Pedro the Lion and Reel Big Fish. So many songs, so many memories.

I've also been loving me some new finds like Dustin Kensrue and Miranda Lambert. I was never really into country until a couple of years ago and that Miranda Lambert can SANG!! Sometimes I get really into the music and worry that someone will walk in on me rocking out.

Now, I'm probably a little bias about how great this music is. You know that the music from your teenage years is always going to sound so much more amazing to your ears because of the memories and feelings it will inevitably envolk. It just fills me with such happiness. All of the best friends I've ever had were forged to this music.

Which songs bring you back to your adolescence??


One Sassy Mama said...

I'm so old that when I first saw your title "Ska Anyone" I assumed you accidentally misspelled "Ski" hehehe. Just kidding.

You wanna go there with Christian music? Not Christian Ska--but I was a total Amy Grant follower--Jill too. Then Amy had to go and have an affair with Vince Gill and leave her songwriter husband. That kinda ruined her for me.

Also--how's this for a bunch of extremes--in high school I loved Amy Grant--Erasure--Richard Marx--Sawyer Brown--Aerosmith--Randy Travis--Depeche Mode--Milli Vanilli (even after they were outted for being lipsynchers).

Nowadays, I love country, Michael Buble, rock, pop--I think I'm pretty easy. Really--the only type of music I just can't stand is rap--and maybe Ska? Maybe I should give Ska a chance.

Ali-Pants said...

Ha ha! I didn't know Amy Grant was Christian! She has a Christmas CD which my mom played every Christmas since I was little. That slut... jk lol