Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Since I quit my job to be a SAHM, we are now poor. This means neither Packy nor I can eat out for lunch every day like we used to. So I've been making his lunches. I'm not into the low-fat/low-cal fad like everyone else trying to loose weight. I'd rather have the real thing and either eat less of it or work out later. And also, Zach REFUSES to eat anything that hints at low-fat on the wrapper.

So if I ever buy something from that category it's completely accidental. And the other day I came home with granola bars with 25% less sugar. I actually remember at the store noticing this and trying to find the regular granola bars of the Quaker Oat variety. But, honest to goodness, they were all 25% less sugar. So I thought, if they put it on all of their stock they must have found a way to do it where 100% of the test bars tasted exactly the same as the regular ones (for this is how my mind works). But I knew this wouldn't fool Packman. So I decided to be a little sneaky.

First I took the regular granola bar.

Then I found some stickers I used at our garage sale to price items, and cut one in half.

Then I covered the 25% off part with the stickers. And guess what.......

IT WORKED! He ate it and was none the wiser. Until I bragged about it the next day. But by that time he already realized he liked them just the same as the other ones and won't protest them in his lunch anymore.

Yes, that is a pony tail. And no, it's not a little boy named Joe Dirt. This little girl freakin TOOK ONE OF THE OTHER PLAYERS DOWN just before they made a touch down near the end of the game. It was pretty rad (do people still say rad?). Marshall told me that she and her sister are both on the team and the blonde one is really good but the brown haired one always makes excuses so she doesn't have to play. I hope I never force my kids into something simply just because their sibling enjoys it.

And finally, the other morning Packy woke up to find our puppy curled up in the laundry basket full of blankets. Good thing he's small. NOT!

love, ali

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