Monday, October 20, 2008

I love me some Lollicups

Lollicup. The asian man's Jamba Juice.

Okay, it's nothing like Jamba Juice. It's actually more like Starbucks. Although I'm sure they have those in asia. They've got teas and coffees and slushes and snows. They've got it all.

There are many things I love about Lollicup. First and foremost is the way they put the lid on the cup. It goes through this little machine that stretches a layer of plastic over the top and seals in the delicious goodness and to allow for portability.

Another great thing about the Lollicups is the boba. They are these little ball thingies they can add to any drink. You can't really describe the boba without making it sound totally sick (NOT sick as in awesome). You have to experience it for yourself. You can also get the lychee jellies which are great in the fruity drinks.

And don't forget about the fat straws. They have to be big so the boba can fit up the straw. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns. I always feel special when I get a pink one with stripes. They're my favorite. The Lollicup Gods did not smile down on me during this particular visit and the lady at the counter gave me plain green. BOO!

So all you gotta do is shake up your drink while the lid is still intact in order to distribute your boba evenly. Then you just stab your straw into the top and, voila! Piercing the lid with the straw is possibly my favorite part of the whole experience.

Except for this part:

In the words of Homer Simpson: "Mmmmmmm, Lollicup ***drooooooool***."

love, ali


Nicole said...

i like to describe boba as having the texture of gummy bears. but we were only able to get one person in ian's family to enjoy the drink as much as us.

anyways, where is the lollicup you go to?? ian and i have been dying from not having a lollicup for sooooo long!

Ali-Pants said...

My mom calls boba those "sick little chewy balls" LOL! She thought it was sick but it's one of my favoites.

The only one I can find is on Redwood and about 3500 South.

goodfather said...

I... want... one! I don't think Lollicups have made it to Seattle yet. Maybe Starbucks has too strong a deathgrip on our coffeeconomy. It looks like a really good drink.


yeah, Nicole and I have had to settle for this AZN joint called gossip. They're boba is OK but they have a very limited selection. I can't wait to get back to my lollicup roots!