Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday

Dang!! We were rad!!! That's me on the right, Amy on the left. Just look at those colors!

Amy was my best friend from my childhood. We moved into the house across the street from hers when I was about seven. We were the same age and both our little sisters were the same age as well. So it was a good match.

Amy was one crazy mother. She was always trying to prove that she was the most daring kid in the neighborhood. One time I dared her to do a cartwheel on the brick wall at the end of our street and she split her head open. This didn't stop her though. A couple of weeks later she did a cartwheel on the roof!

We would build bike ramps in the fields behind our houses and launch ourselves into the air. We would build forts and tree houses. When they started building houses in the fields we would sneak into the unfinished houses and steal the builders' supplies. We would scrawl things like "workmen suck" into the wet cement. One time after it rained we went out exploring and Amy got stuck in the mud in the foundation of one of the unfinished houses. I remember being so scared that she would never get out, or that someone would catch us before she did. She was finally able to free herself but not her shoes. They're still buried there.

One time we went swimming in the Jordan River. We built little rafts out of pieces of wood and nails and tied long strings to them. Then we'd wade out into the river and see how far we could let them out before they got stuck in the weeds and we'd have to rescue them. When we were done we knew our mothers would kill us so when we arrived home we doused each other with the hose and turned on the sprinklers to make it look like we hadn't risked our lives to sail our little rafts.

We found out about periods together and rocked out to Salt N Peppa (*AH, SHHHHH, PUSH IT!!*). We prank called radio stations during sleepovers and made up scary stories to scare our little sisters. She was always pushing the envelope, as much as one can push it at that age. I wonder where she is now...

love, ali

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