Sunday, October 26, 2008


One word description of this week: Woot-woot!

(okay, technically that's two words, but if you're too busy to ready my entire workout you can stop reading now and go away with the general gist)

I feel a difference this time starting my new lifestyle as a fit person and I think it has to do with accountability. When you've got people reading your fitness blog you're constantly thinking about it during your workouts or when you're considering skipping a workout. You don't want everyone to know you're a procrastinator who gets off on doing as little as possible to get what you want! And lets face it: getting in shape doesn't work that way. It's all about consistency. So here's a synopsis of my workouts this week:

Method of torture: running
Distance: at least a mile
Music of choice: Miranda Lambert - Kerosene ***

My first workout of my new life as a fit person was pretty easy. But my first day of exercise has always been smooth sailing. It's the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th and so on that are hard. So anyways, like I said in my earlier post, I ran to the elementary school and ran around the track 4 times which I'm told is a mile. So probably ran about 1.5 miles. Miranda Lambert was an okay music choice I gave her a 3 out of 5 possible stars for overall hype-up ability, for that is why I need music while I run: so I can get pumped up. Some of her songs are a little slow for a workout album but her voice is so soothing to my ears that I gave her 3 stars.

(was my freebie day)

Method of torture: running
Distance: at least a mile
Music of choice: Cake - Fashion Nugget ****

First of all, Cake was an excellent choice of music. Most of the songs had a really good running beat and kept me pushing hard. I ran to the elementary school again and did 4 laps. About 1/2 of the track runs along surface streets so when I'm running by all the cars at stop lights I try not to look like I'm about to die. I focus on my posture and picking my feet up and even run a little faster. But when I'm not running by any cars I tend to just let my body flop at will. But at least I'm still running! Goal for next week: try not to look like a goober even when no one's looking. Another thing that was really helpful was concentrating on what Tyke was doing during my runs which was easy because he acts like such a goofball. When I get to the school I let him off the leash and he practically runs circles around me the whole time. I think he imagines I'm chasing him. And heaven help the kick ball that the kids leave out on the field. I know I shouldn't let him but his love of balls runs deep. And usually he gets it before I can stop him.

Method of torture: water aerobics
Time: 1 hour
Music of choice: oldies (to me)

My friend Lisa, my adorable little pregnant friend, asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would want to do water aerobics with her and her friend. We finally went on Thursday and it was SO FUN! It was just me, my pregnant friend and a bunch of old ladies. Okay, they weren't ALL old but they were all older than me and you could tell they were diggin the music. I had heard all of the songs before but they were definitely catering to an older audience. I did get a good workout though. The next day my arms were killing me and I was a little sore everywhere else. I'll for sure go again.

Method of torture: hiking
Music: none, unless you could dogs barking

For this workout I strapped the baby on and took Tyke to the dog park. This particular dog park is actually a nature preserve with trails and a stream where your dogs can run around off leash. Tyke had a ball and I got a pretty good little workout. He also got super muddy. It takes about an hour to hike to the end of the trail and back. And there's a big hill at the entrance that you have to climb to get out. By the time I got to the hill I was pretty sweaty and Tyke was BEAT from running around and sniffing everyone's behinds. I was practically dragging him out of there which I felt pretty awesome about since he's a really buff puppy.


Okay, I didn't technically work out on Saturday. BUT I did help Zach clean up the yard and I moved a bunch of furniture so I could dust, sweet and mop my house. I also went to Marshall's football game and walking around yelling he whole time. So I'm counting that.

Stay tuned for more of my getting in shape!

love, aloicious


Kimberly said...

I don't know if I could handle running.... I started walking my dog this week, hour long walks around the neighborhood. All in hopes of wearing the crazy puppy out so I can work in peace, and of course losing those few pounds that aren't going anywhere while I sit on my butt in my studio ALL day everyday, lol!!

Anyways, you made it through a week, I understand the slacker thing, I have never ever been one to enjoy exercise. First time IS always easy.... congrats on making it through the first week! Good luck! :)

Kat@MotherFonker said...

Hello, ali! wowee, u did great, congrats.

would've loved to come with u for water aerobics. i dont think we have that here...

yeah, the blogging keeps me on my toes too ;-)

drowninginlaundry said...

All this reading about exercise is making me feel very chunky and tired right now.

Glad someone out there has some willpower because I sure the heck don't.

Anonymous said...

so proud of you your are awesome

Seriously Mama said...

OMG! I was so excited to see a Boxer on your blog that I didn't even read the HASAY update yet!!! I have had Boxers forever, was the president of our state rescue for several years, fostered tons and have two at home now!

Off to read the update now... :-)

Seriously Mama said...

Great job on the exercise! I hear you on the water aerobics class. Ours is me and 32 other 75 year olds! Keep up the good work, I'll be back to check!

Ali-Pants said...

Boxers are the BEST huh?? I probably won't ever own another breed. Thanks for stopping by!

Cellobella said...

Now see you did what I should have done. Well done.
You rock!