Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've got a bone to pick. Usually I'm not this bugged by the little things but it just has to be said:

People who protest getting their picture taken really bug me.

It's not that I don't dislike these people all of the time. In fact I have quite a few friends and family who just wince whenever the camera is pointed their way. I even had a friend at work who flat-out refused to have her picture taken for our website - period, regardless of the consequences (and the consequence was that no one got their picture taken for the website).

And it's not that I don't understand the way your stomach lurches when you see a REALLY bad picture of yourself. REALLY: I understand. But really IT'S INCREDIBLY SELFISH. When you are away from your family, either separated by death or distance, the one way your loved ones are going to be able to remember your face eventually is by the pictures they have of you. So really, you're only hurting the people who love you by not letting people take your picture. Plus you make it really awkward for people who think you look just great!

And even if you do have a little extra junk in your trunk or a big honkin zit on your nose, or you're lying in a hospital bed in one of those sick gowns with crazy hair and your dad takes a picture of you all sweaty with snot comming out of your nose cuz you're on the phone with your sister, crying cuz she is crying and you just had a baby and you have been up for several hours and you honestly can't remember a picture when you looked so bad.... NO ONE CARES BUT YOU!! Also, invest in some Spanx.

We're not taking your picture because we want you to feel all self-conscious and if you don't object we're not going to think you are conceited. In fact, if you just smile and wave or ignore us completely we are going to be much happier and come home with great shots of the people we care about most. The truth is we just love you and want to have pictures of the ones we love.


ali, photographer of beautiful people inside and out


One Sassy Mama said...

Ummm. I am one of those people. Awkward moment here.

I got news for ya sweetie--spanx ain't gonna do nothing for my double chin.

Although--I do allow pics that I have control over--you know--good hair day, make up just right, from a good angle etc. hehe

Ali-Pants said...

Oh Nicky, at least you've never given me crap for taking your picture. If you are one of those people I never knew!

Also, I have never noticed your double chin! Honest to goodness. Maybe you're like me and you only have one when you look down. I call it my "downble chin."

One Sassy Mama said...

hehe--love the downble chin.

Let me guess, Frankles is the one giving you trouble about taking his picture. Maybe you didn't realize this but--nobody likes their picture taken when they are trying to poop, burp, barf or eat.