Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 Month

Dear Babu,

Today you are 5 weeks old! Actually you will be 5 weeks old in about 1 hour and 13 minutes. I want to write you a letter every month to tell you about your life so when you grow up you can know how much I loved you from the start.

You are such an alert baby. More people comment on that then anything else. You are always observing this great big world with wide eyes. They are also starting to say you look like your daddy. I see both Sumsion and Tate attributes in your face. I think it will be a while before we can really judge who you resemble more.

Tonight when I put you to sleep I walked around our bedroom and just held you as your eyes grew heavy. You fought sleep so hard for some reason. I guess that is just a taste of what’s to come. I remember what it was like getting Marshall to bed each night. Who am I kidding?? Still getting him to bed! Each day you get a little more aware and awake and a little less like the sleepy newborn we brought home from the hospital. I am really going to miss these days but I am so excited to watch you grow up.

I’m also excited for you to sleep through the night. You only wake about 2-3 times right now but I honestly cannot remember what it’s like to have a full nights sleep. But I also know it’s coming. And you are certainly worth it.

Your daddy loves you so much, son. Seeing him hold you in his arms or bounce you while you lay on his chest makes me so happy. I know parenting is going to be hard sometimes but you have an amazing father. Your daddy loves kids but he LOVES you more than anything. It’s evident in the way he holds you and talks to you and in the way he talks about you to other people. He is very proud to be your daddy.

Tonight we went to one of Uncle Marshall’s football scrimmages. Your Uncle Marshall and Uncle Mitchell love you so much! When Marsh comes home from school and we are there he gets SO excited. And Uncle Mitch wants to hold you every chance he gets. They are constantly saying how you are the cutest baby ever.

Your Aunt Mattie also loves you to pieces. She couldn’t be there when you were born because she was away at school. But I was on the phone with her right after you were born and she wept and so did I.

It’s starting to feel more and more like fall every day. I put you in the baby carrier when we got to the football game tonight and you just slept snuggled up to my chest for over an hour. It was so much fun to see people’s reactions to you as we walked up and down the sidelines. You bring joy to people who don’t even know you. They walk by and see how tiny you are and the stress of life just melts away from their faces and they smile and sometimes even coo without thinking. You brighten people’s day and you can’t even talk yet!

I borrowed some photo albums from your Grandma Tate today so I can scan some pictures for my blog. There were a bunch of pictures of Uncle Mitch and Marshall when they were small like you. I had forgotten what it’s like to have a little baby with a binky in his mouth all snuggled up like a burrito in a blanket. I really missed it.

I think that’s part of the reason I’m really hoping you start to like the binky more. You usualy protest the binky for the first few seconds it's in your mouth but after you suck once you're hooked. Until you spit it out again. Daddy has a trick where he gets you sucking on the bink and then holds you facing his chest so you can't spit it out. It works wonders. There’s nothing cuter than a little baby with a binky in his mouth.

I’m so happy you’re here! You make my life worth living. You inspire me to be a better person. There are a lot of things I wasn’t strong enough to do before you got here. It’s like when I became your mother I came alive! I am a better wife to your daddy, I’m a better sister to your Aunt Mattie and your uncles. I’m a better daughter and a better friend. I have empathy for people I never had empathy for and I find myself wanting to accomplish more then I’ve every wanted to accomplish.

Thank you so much for choosing our family. I hope one day you can read these letters and know how much you changed my life and how grateful I am that you are here.

I love you son.

Love, mommy


One Sassy Mama said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. Did I mention cute?

Jen said...

He's a doll baby. And one lucky little man, the love you have for him shines through your words.