Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last week I decided to try out my new baby sling and take the dog for a walk. I've put off using the sling because I worry the baby will get too hot in there. But it was a rainy day and Tyke was going stir crazy so I put on a hoodie, stuck the kido in the sling and headed out the door. But not before grabbing a couple of poo bags in case of an emergency.

Who am I kidding? If my dog gets a walk he's sure as crap gonna poop on someone else's lawn. Isn't it always so much more fulfilling, crapping on someone else's lawn? Or something like that...

Anyhoo, I normally try to get him to go when there's no people around. Not because I'm trying to hoard my poo baggies or get away with leaving piles of steaming crap around town. It's just kind of embarrassing being tied to another creature whilst doing it's business. And people always give you dirty looks when your dog squats in the middle of their sidewalk, until they see you dig out the dreaded brown bag. So you have to pull it out immediately or endure the glares that will more assuredly be thrown your way.

So we round the corner onto 1700 South and Tyke gets the look in his eye. I look around and don't notice anyone so I let the leash slack and coo "it's alright, go potty" which is the secret code word (yes, my dog "potties" on command - can't yours??). And just as he gets nestled down to do the deed I notice the man having a smoke on the porch of the house we're parked in front of. I hastily pull out my baggie and wait for Tyke to finish. I clean up the mess and tie a knot in the end of the bag (for that is how it is done). And as I pass the man finishing his smoke he yells "Hey, that was really cool. Thank you VERY much."

And that, my friends, is why I will always be one of those people who cleans up after their dogs. It might be unpleasant and it might make me look like a geekus, but who doesn't appreciate a responsible pet owner?

Love, ali

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