Thursday, September 4, 2008

Franky Tate is here!

Frankleberries AKA: FB AKA: Bubs AKA: Babu
7 lbs, 14 oz
21 inches

Zach and I went to bed around 11:30 last night. I was having contractions but nothing terribly painful, just slightly crampy. A little after midnight my water broke! There was no question, it was a huge gush. Thinking I had plenty of time to get to the hospital, I hopped in the shower. Then the real contractions started. I blow dried my hair and put on some makeup, just foundation and bronzer. The contractions were slightly more painful but I had work to do! I changed my clothes and made Zach get all of our bags in the car and make sure we had all the camera equipment and computer stuff. By this time the contractions were pretty severe and only 2-3 minutes between each one.

We got to the hospital and checked in. By this time I was already begging for an epidural. It was another 1.5 hours before I was given one.

It was a busy night at labor and delivery. I kind of started freaking out because the pain was so bad. But the first in a line of awesome nurses reminded me to breathe and Zach held my hand and encouraged me to get through it. The nurse said I was already dialated to 4 CM so I was well on my way.

By the time the anesthesiologist came it was about 2:30 AM and I was no longer nervous about the big needle and how much it would hurt. The epidural was actually a breeze and after a few minutes I was completely numb. I was able to relax and sleep on and off for the next few hours. At about 7 AM my OB arrived to check me. I was dialated to an 8 at this point. He said by lunch time we'd probably have this kido!

I was checked again throughout the morning and by 10 AM I'd only dialated to about 8.5 CM (although I think she maybe just said that to be nice, I wasn't progressing much). They decided to start me on Pitocin to see if they could get me to a 10. From then until about 12:30 I finally dialated to a 10 and was ready to push.

At this point I realized we had a problem. My upper back was KILLING me with each movement. I don't know if I'd been sleeping on it wrong or what but it felt like a charlie horse in my upper back and neck. I could only move my head a certain way to keep it from crippling me. I started crying and sort of freaking out but I realized I needed to get a hold of myself. I said a prayer and started doing some stretches to prepare myself.

I started pushing at 1:00 and was told I was doing great, even though I couldn't feel a thing down below. I was in a lot of pain in my upper back as I had to bring my chin to my chest during each push. After a few minutes it got easier as I stretched between each push and around 2:00 my nurse called in the dic and he said we were ready to have this baby! That got me really excited and I forgot about the pain in my back. After a couple more pushes I felt him coming out and started to cry. I had to push a few more times so I swallowed my emotion and bore down and at 2:11 he was finally out! They had to use forceps and before that they had to turn him by hand so he was pretty beat up, but he was simply gorgeous, despite the cuts and bruises. I couldn't believe this little guy had been in my belly just a few hours before! They placed him on my chest and began wiping him off. He only cried for about 10 seconds and then just stared at Zach and I. I was bawling, he was so beautiful! Zach cut the cord and I could see tears in his eyes as well. We were so happy!

Franky is doing just fine! He's having a little trouble with nursing but we're working on it. I feel really prepared since I did the nursing classes so I'm not to worried. He just needs practice.

We are one happy little family. Zach is the proudest daddy around and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Love, ali


Nicole said...

he is so PRECIOUS! i cannot wait to see more pictures of him! and i can't believe that you and zach have a kid now! i am so excited to see little franky--i might just steal him away because it is baby fever all around ian and i and i just want one of my own!

MO and Larry said...

Ali, Zack and Franky we love you all so much...what a fabulous job you hae done...Franky is soooo adorable...Grandpa is a proud Great-grandpa and wants you to know how proud he is of you...great job!!! Get some rest and we will see you soon....hugs and kisses...Anne and Grandpa

One Sassy Mama said...

Yahoo! He's here! What a cutie pie. The kids can't wait to see there new little cuzin.

Lisa B. said...

Oh my gosh!!! i cant wait to meet him/! he is just perfect! congradulations i cant wait to have mine now..