Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog Stats

Not only is my friend Derek one of the funniest people I know, he's also one of the smartest. He's also really good at Catch Phrase and very technologically savy. That's him in the glasses. That's me in the blonde hair! Flashback!

Anyhoo, we were discussing blogging yesterday and he let me know about a little site called Stat Counter. They create a code you can paste into your blog that lets you track the traffic to your blog. It will tell you how many people visit your blog daily, how many of those are new visitors, and more! So check it out. The instructions are fairly straight forward and if you're bloggin with Blogger it will give you step by step instructions so you can't go wrong!

Love, ali


Derek said...

Holy F-Bomb! I remember that day. Thanks for posting the picture. I also appreciate the comments, but you forgot to mention how handsome I am.

Ali-Pants said...

Yeah, that was good times... we was sweaty!

Well I just figured they'd see the picture. Also, HE'S AN RM, LADIES! lol

Jen said...

My stat counter and I have a love hate relationship. It's bad. Like an addiction. A sick one.

Ali-Pants said...

Yeah, I'm a little embarrassed about how often I check mine throughout the day.