Sunday, August 24, 2008

Golf and Tyke antics in the park

A few weeks ago my ever-changing husband turned his hobby seeking eyes on a little sport called golf. I don't know if it was the cute golf shirts at Costco or the 100 year old left-handed clubs that have been sitting in our garage for over a year. But whatever the trigger he's on a MAJOR golf kick.

Yesterday we headed over the elementary school so he could show me what he's learned on his few trips to the driving range the past couple of weeks. I brought my camping chair and watched him hit a few. Only one made it past the fence and into the street but there weren't any cars there at the moment. He looks so cute when concentrates so hard with his little booty sticking out.

There are a few houses lining the North side of the soccer field and one of them is home to a couple of SUPER small SUPER yippy dogs. Of course we had Tyke with us and he tried to make friends with the little buggers but all they wanted to do was get all fierce through the fence. So what did my dog do? That's right, he peed right on their yappy little heads! It was the ultimate doggy "screw you."

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