Friday, August 29, 2008

A & J Wedding

Today my adorable brother-in-law married his sweetheart, Joanna. Andrew is the one one I set up all my friends with in hopes of having a hand in choosing my new in-law (not to mention I'm very fond of the kid). I wouldn't say he's my favorite brother-in-law because I don't think you're supposed to choose favorites like that but he has ALWAYS made me feel like a lifelong friend from day 1, not to mention the fact that we're closer in age then Zach and I.

Anyways, no one I ever set him up with seemed to work out. Luckily he found Joanna and I now know why he couldn't marry one of my friends. She is such an amazing girl - smart, cute and doesn't put up with his crap. Not that he's got a whole lot of baggage or anything but he's quite the smart ass. It's one of his most endearing qualities and Joanna handles him with class and grace.
They were married in the Manti Temple which is beautiful. I'd never been before, just seen pictures. It's pretty amazing in person. It reminds me of no other temple I've ever seen, very castle-esque.

After the temple we headed over to Nephi for some lunch and to hang out with the new couple. Everyone made a big deal out of the fact that I came up in my "condition" which made me feel somewhat like a hero. A great big hero with swollen ankles and puffy feet. I call them my elephant feet. Hopefully they'll go down after Frankleberries gets here.

I know I've said this before but hopefully this truly is my final belly pic before Frankleberries gets here. Zach finally made me pack a hospital bag last night so we're ready to go if anything drastic happens.

Yesterday was my last day of work. It was kind of surreal. I'm not really sad, I'm mostly excited. I've always planned on being a stay-at-home-mom and although I'm a little apprehensive I'm very happy to finally be on to the next stage. I've got so many plans and I know I'll be good at this. I think the big thing I'll miss is the friendships I had there. I worked with some really amazing people. It feels great to be a part of something bigger than yourself. They always made me feel like I was an important part of the organization and I enjoyed my time there.

In other news, I feel kind of bad for Frankleberries. The poor little guys has absolutely no room left to grow. I'm in pain most of the time if I'm sitting down because of his lanky limbs stabbing me in various locations. Laying down I'm good and standing up is fine. But sitting just squishes him. I hope he decides to come out of there soon. Cross your fingers for us!

<3 ali

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One Sassy Mama said...

Love the pics from the big day. Yes--Jo definitely balances out Andrew.