Thursday, August 28, 2008

Auctions Today for Nie Nie

Until I got into Google Reader I didn't realize how vast and connected the blogging world really was. It really is a community and a united one at that. I'm really into "parenting blogs", "crafty blogs" and "homemaking blogs" primarily because I'm about to become a full-time homemaker and mother. And in the world of blogs these are especially interconnected.

And if you're looking for those types of blogs you can't help but come accross Nie Nie's Blog at some point. She's a fabulous blogger/mother/wife who was recently in an airplane crash which has left her with massive injuries. Her husband was also on board and suffered severe injuries as well. The pilot on board has since died and Nie Nie and her husband are holding on for dear life.

The blogging community has banned together and created Nie Nie Day, a days of auctions to benefit the family. Please click here for a list of auctions or the button below to donate.

Thanks and good luck!

<3 ali

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