Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby updates

Pregnancy lately has equaled lots of pain. A few months ago I was horribly ill and ever since then I've been unable to shake the cough. Sometimes it has caused me to double over hacking. A couple weeks ago my side started to hurt every time I would cough. It got so bad that at night I almost couldn't lie on my right side to sleep (which doesn't leave me many sleeping options since I'm already not supposed to be on my back and I am unable to lay on my stomach).

On Sunday I was at my folks eating dinner and went into the kitchen to get a drink. I started coughing REALLY hard and suddenly I felt a pop in my side and I was doubled over in pain. I started crying and had to sit on the couch. I got the number for the doctor on call at my OB's office and asked him what he thought. He said I probably tore a ligament in my side and to just rest and apply heat. Zach came and picked me up to take me home and everytime he went over a bump I would cry out in pain. He helped me into the house and I spent the evening in our new recliner with a heating pad on my side.

Today I feel a LOT better. I can actually get up without help but it still hurts. It hurts to couch, sneeze and laugh. I am also only able to sleep on my right side which, as I mentioned, is not fun. But luckily I have sick time left at work so I didn't have to go in today. Resting at home is always more rejuvinating.

I felt good enough to go to my breastfeeding class at the hospital tonight. I couldn't believe how many ladies brought their husbands! The thought of bringing Zach did not even cross my mind. It was actually a really good class but I can't imagine what the guys got out of it (except for an excuse to see lots of boobies in the video, even though they weren't very attractive boobies). Anyhoo, I feel a lot better prepared now for what to expect as I begin my journey into the wonderful world of breastfeeding. Wish me luck!

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One Sassy Mama said...

Sorry you were so sick! That sucks! Glad you are feeling a little better.