Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer update: I grow stuff!

It's summer! You know it's arrived when you get into your car in the afternoon and it's so hot you can't breathe. But that's okay because the windows roll down. One thing I'd like to do this summer is go back to Seven Peaks. We had so much fun! Here are some of the highlights:

Zach looking sweet in his new shirt

Showing up all the 13-year-olds at the rope swing (nice tats, pops!)

Being brave, and yes, he did all the slides without me... lucky!

And finally, us being awesome...

So yeah, summer is amazing. Especially at Liberty Park. That place comes alive in the summer.

There's always something going on and yet I can still seem to find a secluded spot or two to let the dog off the leash. It's an oasis in this city for sure.

I'm growing...

... tomatoes! This is a crowning moment in my life. Zach can attest to the fact that I was born without a green thumb (unlike my Grandma Tate who couldn't destroy a plant if she wanted) and I am constantly killing plants. The only other plant I've managed to sustain for more then a few weeks is this sweet bamboo plant my cute neighbor Melissa got me from IKEA. It's fool proof because all ya gotta do is make sure the rocks stay covered with water. But now I've discovered the pride and joy that comes from growing your own vegetables. I can't wait to eat them!

I'm also growing a baby! His name is Frankleberries. He makes sleeping rather interesting. Luckily I have purchased an awesome body pillow for pregnant ladies called The Snoogle. Zach always tries to steal my Snoogle and it's a constant battle to keep him from falling asleep wrapped in it's cuddly goodness.

Also, I've discovered why pregnant women waddle. I always feel bad when I see a huge pregnant lady waddling away but sometimes they just can't help it! And for me it doesn't even have to do with size. My pelvic bones just ache like a mother after I've been sitting for a while and walking funny is the only thing that keeps me from yelping out in pain. Another un-fun thing about being pregnant is charly horses. I've only gotten one a couple of times in my calf but it's the most awful pain you can imagine. Today I woke up at 4:00 am to a shooting pain up my leg that shocked me out of a deep sleep. It only lasted for a minute or two but it was enough to cause me to cry out and wake up Zach.

But all aches and pains aside, I'd say I'm having a really easy pregnancy. Whenever I tell people my due date is September 1st they always make some comment about how I'll be pregnant during the hottest part of the year. But honestly, I am grateful that it's been complication-free thus far. I've known so many people who have had issues even getting pregnant or have had horrible pregnancy experiences. So just the fact that the baby and I are healthy is good enough for me. And I'll try to keep my trivial complaints to a minimum.

Love, ali


Summer said...

Aw, look at yo baby bump! Did Zach take your belly pic? Make sure he gets some with your head in them, Alex took all of ours of just my belly and it could be any preggo lady, you'd never know it was me! lol, not too good for scrapbooking! I totally feel you on the waddling too, the last couple of months Baylee was sooo low I could barely walk at all and I literally looked like a penguin when I tried! It looks like you guys are doing great though, I'm so glad, and HEY get back on mommyspace, you'll love it once you have frankleberries and need mommy advice! Love ya!

Ali-Pants said...

I will definitely have to do some pics with my face, i didn't even think of that!

I forgot about mommyspace, i need to get on there more often! I'm sure I will once bubs gets here.