Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let the madness begin

I am married to a man who sets goals. Zach is constantly challenging his staus quo. It's one of his most endearing qualities as a huband/provider and I'm sure soon to be daddy.

The only problem with being married to someone who's so awesome at bettering himself is that I am often enveloped into his hair-brained ideas of becoming a better human being (damn his charisma *shakes fist*)

So this time "we've" decided to go a month without television. That's right: NO TV. That means no news, no Rachael Ray, no King of the Hill and no reruns of The Office or Scrubs.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. I am one of those people who likes the TV on while I get ready for work and usually the first thing I do after work, besides letting the dog out to potty, is flip on the TV so I don't feel so lonely until Zach gets home. I like the white noise it makes in the background and the way my mind is numbed while at the same time entertained.

But, as in the past, I've come to appreciate the method to his madness. Today is only day two and already there is a difference in my life. Rather than plop down in front of the tube I'm forced to entertain myself in other ways. I'm reading a great book (Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer) and I may even walk my puppy at some point! I also got my camera out to snap some photos of my newly budding tomatoes (this event will have its own post as this is one of the first plants I've managed not to cause a slow and painful death).

That being said, I really am grateful to be married to such an ambitious guy. He's constantly thinking of ways to better himself as well as our relationship. Whenever people ask for my advice on marriage which, lets face it, isn't very often, my usual response is to marry a good man. Luckily I took my own advice at the ripe old age of 19 and I've never looked back.

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