Monday, June 23, 2008

Favorites Monday

Pina Colada Slurpees - I actually know all the 7-11's downtown by weather or not they stock my flavor. It's actually about 90% pina colada and about 10% cherry right on top. The Indian guys who always work the one by my house probably know me as the "pregnant pina colada girl" and thats okay.

Tiger's Blood Snowies - I'm really not meaning to go with a theme here but slushy summer drinks are really at the top of my list right now. Tigers Blood Snowies are an actual summer-only treat whereas pina colada slurpees are usually available all year long. So they're a little more special. YUM!

Air conditioning - The A/C at my work was out today. It was such a horrible experience, esspecially while pregnant. It made me appreciate the conveniences of modern technology. I heart A/C!

Smiley babies - My neighbor Melissa's baby, Issac, is the smiliest baby I've ever known. Maybe I've just never caught him on a bad day but he just seems happy all the time. He always gets so excited whenever he sees me and just grins and makes gurgly, happy noises.

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