Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorites Monday (on Tuesday again)

Nesting - Okay, I guess technically it's not nesting (although Zach did ask me if that's what I was doing). Every once in a while I get a HUGE rush of productivity. Sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes for a few hours. I was super productive all day today! I cleaned my house and hung some pictures I've been meaning to hang. I put all the baby stuff in the basement and organized the majority of my pictures for scrapbooking.

Scrubs - Oh boy, I love Scrubs with all my little girl heart. It makes me laugh and more importantly it makes Zach laugh. It's a really super big laugh that makes him embarrassed and it gives me such a rush.

Acrylic toes - I dont mean this as an advertisement but they rock! They last forever and they look amazing (give me a call and I'll give you a deal! You won't be sorry).

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