Monday, May 26, 2008

Favorite things Monday

1. Airbrush tanning! Hi, I'm Ali and I'm tanorexic. It's true, I love tanning! I didn't really get into it until a couple of years ago when me and Mattie and Danielle all got jobs at the same tanning salon. In fact, a big let down for me during this pregnancy was finding out that pregnant women aren't supposed to frequent the tanning beds. Which is actually probably a relief to my skin. But I digress. The Spa Club, for which my work purchased me a memebership last year, had a Memorial Day special for $20 airbrush tanning. I was actually going to have this done before Katie's wedding (where I will be a bridesmaid) at the end of June but when I found out it was $35 at some places I hoped it was worth it. Well, I decided to try it out and I am VERY happy with the results! It's so natural looking! Not orange at all. And pregnancy safe!

2. Running errands with Zach. I'm a big fan of my husband and we are usually forced to run errands separate including grocery trips because he claims I always buy the wrong brands, or get the fat-free versions on accident. But today we braved the SLC Walmart together. I was especially grateful to have Zach with me at this particular Walmart because it's pretty much ghetto-ville. There's hardly a time I go where I'm not approached for money in the parking lot.

3. Those crazy Garfields. Not the cat, my mom's maiden name is Garfield and this weekend made me realize we spend entirely too little time with that side of the family. My grandma died a couple of years ago from Alzheimers and my grandpa remarried a lady named Anne a little over a year ago. Her daughter came up to visit this weekend and we all met in Perry for lunch at a park. That side of the family is just so much fun. We played ultimate frisbee and some of my cousins gave me a bunch of baby stuff. We brought Tyke and he was a hit. All of the little kids LOVED him to pieces and he was a good boy.

4. How much Zach appreciates my cooking. I try to make all of his meals with love. I know that sounds corney but I really enjoy cooking and especially the look on someone's face when they are enjoying something I've made. So I try to convey my love for Zach through my meals. I am usually very successful but even when it doesn't come out so great he's always appreciative. He likes it how I cut his sandwiches at an angle and put salt and pepper on them (like my Grandma Tate does). And I even bake some ketchup onto my meatloaf because he likes it that way. I never feel underappreciated in the cooking department.

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