Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's like the ocean

Frankleberries has been kicking like crazy for the last 10 minutes! I've never felt him kick this hard. So I pulled up my shirt to have a peek and my belly is just moving around like crazy! I even made Zach come and see and he was in awes. He's still swimming around in there and you can see it from the outside. It makes it so real! I feel him moving around every day now but I've never been able to see it from the outside.

My little brothers are really excited to feel the baby kick but he usually only works out at night so they haven't gotten a chance. It's not hard enough to keep me awake yet but I'm sure that's coming.

Funny baby comments:

#1 - When my mom told my Grandpa G. we were pretty set on the name Frankie my Grandpa said with a name like that he'd never get beat up.

#2 - At my OB appointment on Monday Dr. Terry reviewed the full ultrasound report with me. We talked about how everything looked normal and we changed my due date to September 1st. Part of the report said "sex determined to be male." He said they hardly EVER put the sex of the baby in these reports unless they're REALLY sure of it. He said we must have some well-hung kid in there.

There is a lady at my work who has been talking to be since the beginning about what I want for a baby gift. I have no idea, so today she said she saw these really cute baby onesies that are long sleeved and asked if that was something I wanted. I think that will be a really great idea since the weather will be pretty chilly for the first few months of his little life. I love baby presents! They make me say EEEEP!

Today from about 3:00 on I was only in the office with one other gal. Everyone else was either out of town or left early. I was SO tired. I actually slept really well last night for the first time in a long time so I'm not sure what it was. Something about the rain just makes me want to take a nap. So I turned out my big light and put my head on my desk and took a power nap. It was awesome.

Also, I walked Tyke this morning before work. I woke up with an extra half-hour so I decided to be nice to my puppy and walk him. He was one happy dog. It was so beautiful outside. The sky was getting ready to rain but it wasn't cold at all. I wore a sweatshirt but that was mostly to hide my bed-head.

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katie_kitty said...

Good ol' Grandpa. Hehe.