Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Favorite things Monday (on Tuesday)

Yesterday was my b-day so I took the day off from blogging, among other things...

Some of my favorite things lately are:

1. Having a romantic hubby. Not only is he hunky, he's also very in touch with his romantic side. I don't know where he gets it from. Neither of his parents seem to be of a romantic mindset. Maybe some people just grow out of such things. But for my sake I hope he never stops making me feel like most beautiful woman alive. I hear a lot of women complaining about husbands who forget birthdays or anniversaries or who just don't get it that a woman wants to be wooed. I'm so lucky. I get the best of both worlds: He shows he loves me by scraping my car in the winter AND planning romantic getaways every few months.

2. Having a birthday week instead of a birthday day. That's right, it's pretty much been a weeklong celebration. Or at least a weekend long celebration. On Saturday Zach had to spend the whole day with me! Woot! We went IKEA which Zach says rivals Disney Land as the happiest place on earth. It was his first trip and I'm sure glad he's now on the "lets buy furniture" bandwagon. Then Saturday night we went out to eat with a few friends. Then Sunday we hung out at my parents' house all day. Then Monday we went to lunch and to dinner. My work also celebrated by getting my favorite: caramel apples. I know as I get older I'll probably begin to dread birthdays or not get to celebrate as much since kids come first. But I really do cherish my b-days. It's a good excuse to get what I want (IE: "Zach, you have to slow down because it's my birthday" or "I get to choose where we eat cuz it's my birthday")

3. Fetal movement. It's the bomb. Instead of watching TV at night I just pull my shirt up and watch my belly move like crazy. He moves a lot when I'm at work too but I don't think my boss would appreciate me wearing a belly shirt to work so I can watch Frankleberries swimming around in there.

Ahhhh... life is good.

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One Sassy Mama said...

I love your favorite things monday idea!

I am a fan of the birthday week -- I have tried to get El Jefe to subscribe to that idea - usually it's been a no go. This year though - I went out to lunch/dinner for my bday with my Vt's, my RS Presidency, Jeff, my sis & a friend, and one of my girlfriends--it was like my bday every day!