Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Danielle musings

I miss Danielle.

Jessika wrote a blog on her myspace today about her. I guess she left for TX yesterday while at the same time Whitney was flying to AZ and their gates were right next to each other. She got to call Jessika and talk to her for a bit. I feel kind of bad that she didn't call me but she probably felt more comfortable using Whitney's phone to call Jessika since that's who they're really both friends with (I don't know Whitney all that well). Or she just hates me (shut up hormones!!) I'm sure she only had a few minutes anyways...

Reading her post I just started thinking about her and how much I miss her. It's really hard for me to make friends with girls. I guess "make friends" is the wrong word. It's hard for me to trust other females. I find they say a lot of things and then say a lot of opposite things when convenience arises. I know I'm also guilty of this trait but with Danielle it's like there was always the truce there that we didn't tell things about each other and if we did we forgave and made up.

I know she'll come out better for this but I selfishly can't wait for the day when she comes home.


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