Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wildlife invasion

I went to the grocery store last night as it started to get dark. When I pulled into the driveway it was totally dark and in the beams of my headlights I see this dark shape waddling down the driveway. At first I thought it was a cat since for some reason they LOVE to have standoffs in our yard. But then I realized this was no cat. This little bum waddling away belonged to a raccoon. Apparently it was enthralled with me too because when I got out of the car it came out from behind the garage to get another look at me. We stared at each other for a few seconds then I ran inside to get Zach to come see. I also grabbed the camera but Zach decided to let Tyke show off his superiority to nature and I think he scared them away. I don't know why they were in OUR yard. We don't keep any sort of food in the garage and the garbage cans are those HUGE plastic green and blue ones. But I have heard they are curious little creatures. I doubt we'll see them again because Tyke put on a quite a show, snorting and whining and running up and down the side of the house. He even tried to flush them out of behind the garage but to no avail. Our furry little friends were gone.


One Sassy Mama said...

What in the world? A raccoon in the heart of SLC? Crazy! Good thing you've got your big mean dog to scare it away. The only wildlife I've seen are deer and ducks (the ducks nest in my neighbors back yard every spring)--thank goodness no raccoons.

Ali-Pants said...

It was big too! Probably bigger than your neighbors shih tzu I almost stole that one day!