Friday, April 4, 2008

The smell of grass

Our lawn was finally long enough to mow today. The smell of grass is probably one of my favorite smells ever, especially now since I've got a major craving for summer. It's not warm outside but only because it's overcast. The news always seems to get over-optimistic about the weather and I am always left with a sinking feeling when it doesn't end up getting as warm as they say it will get. Hmpf!

My dog loves balls. Not just soccer. He actually likes basketballs the best. Our house is filled with a variety of partially deflated balls just waiting to be attacked by our crazy Pele wannabe boxer dog.

I like this one because it looks like he's about to eat the ball. Or take a hit to the face. Both of which aren't as far fetched as one might imagine.

Love, ali


One Sassy Mama said...

I love the new bloggy look - it's famous to me - where did you find it?

I heard a few lawn mowers going in my neighborhood today - and I love the smell of the cut lawn (as long as I'm not doing the cutting - hehe). You know its jinxing us by mowing lawns this early in the spring--I bet it snows 6 inches next week. hehe

Ali-Pants said...

I just googled blogger layouts and this was the cutest one I could find. Zach taught me that little trick.

Oh, you know we've got another snow storm coming. But I also know that by July I'll be begging for snow. Especially this summer!