Friday, April 18, 2008


I'll admit it: I'm a talk radio junkie. And a conservative talk radio junkie at that. But I guess if you're into talk radio you don't really have a choice between conservative and non-conservative.

It all started with Glenn Beck when I lived in Spanish Fork. I found him on my way home in rush hour traffic. They do this segment called "Moron Trivia." It sounds really lame but it is SO funny! When there's a big sporting event on Fridays they call various gas stations in each of the home cities of the teams and ask trivia questions to the clerks. Then, depending on how many answers or "points" the clerks in each city gets right they say that determines the outcome of the game.

Okay, I'm really not doing this thing justice but my point is that on that fateful day, I turn on the radio, and there's the first thing I hear is Glenn, portraying this whacky, over-the-top DJ and when I finally realized he was messing around I thought "This is the funniest man alive".

Since then, his show has become EXTREMELY political, even sometimes to the point of being conspiracy theory crap. But occasionally the wackyiness which is Glenn Beck shows through and it's because of those moments that I still listen just about every day on my way home from work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kid,

I just spent time looking through your blog again. It is nice. Real nice. Is there anyway to get the count down to advance each day automatically or would you have to change it by hand each day? How secure is it?


Ali-Pants said...

hi Daddy!

It's actually a link from another site: You can go and create and type of countdown you want. There's lots of websites for all different kinds of countdowns.

Love, ali