Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These last couple of weeks I have been SO hormonal. Especially today. I got into a fight with a lady at work today (which isn't normally out of the realm of possibility) but I bawled my eyes out about it which is REALLY out of character for me. Usually I'm a ferocious bear, able to stand up for myself, but now it seems I've turned into [insert whatever animal cries all of the time and takes everything personal]. And I really mean takes things personal.d up Every little comment that could be taken the wrong way I take it to the max. Sometimes it's not even something that's said. I know I'm doing it so I'm really trying to stop it but it's hard! AUGH!!

I guess what I'm saying, GET OUT OF MY WAY. JK, but I hope it dies down soon.


Summer said...

lol yes! just make sure you warn zach because he will prolly really piss you off, i know alex did because he just didn't understand! stupid hormones. :) keep in touch! loves.

JB said...

Hello. Your interesting blog came up when I searched for ferocious bear pictures. Is this pix yours? I'd love to use a tiny version of it in a business presentation, if it's ok with you. Thx!