Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a BO-YEEEE!!

At our second prenatal appointment today our OB he told us our "big ultrasound" is still 5.5 weeks out. So if we wanted to know the sex of the baby we could go to Fetal Photo. This hadn't even crossed my mind but as soon as those words left his lips Zach was all over it.

You can see his cute little face in this one:

Here's another of his face that looks more like the traditional ultrasound shot:

This shows the bottom of his legs, bearing his manhood for all to see (Zach is so proud):

It's so nice to put a gender to the little creature which has taken up residence in my abdomen. It will be even more nice once we decide on a name. I have taken to calling him Frankenberries. Frankie is my number one baby name pick so far. But for a fetus, Frankie just sounds a little too formal. So Frankenberries it is.

My morning sickness has mostly subsided. Aside from having to eat at least a little something every few hours I think I'm pretty much out of the woods in that department. One thing I've stressed about during this pregnancy is gaining weight but as of today my OB's nurse said I'm gaining the perfect amount. I'm also trying to eat a more balanced diet than before. I try to eat my veggies as that is where I am most lacking.

Okay, enough of the boring pregnancy updates. Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to load the entire ultrasound video on here for all to see. He's a cutie!

Love, ali


One Sassy Mama said...

YAY!! I have to say "Frankie" is growing on me. But - what about little Gus. I can just hear my dad saying, "You're a cute little Cus, Gus."

Ali-Pants said...

Well, I've already veto'd Gus but mostly because Zach veto'd Ryker and Cooper. But I'm not saying "absolutely not" just yet.

sugar free said...

Congrats!!!!! We'll have two little peas in a pod. Oh, by the way, throw all your left over names to me!

One Sassy Mama said...

Hey! Ryker and Cooper are darling names! What the? How bout Ryker Gus?