Monday, March 31, 2008

Denty Belly

Okay okay, I finally decided to update (thanks for the prodding, Dad). Here is my 17.5 week belly shot. I finally had some people at church along with a few at work today comment on my small, albeit NOTICEALBE baby belly. I guess it didn't help matters that I'm constantly singing "My lovely baby bump--CHECK IT OUT!" But at least someone finally noticed! It's good to not be the only one. The only problem is that it's not quite the beautiful round belly you'd imagine a peggers to have. It kind of has a dent in the middle, like there's an invisible rubber band around my waist. Sorry if that's TMI. It's just a little annoying! I'm sure it will round out eventually.

In other news, I got a letter from my beloved Hermana Bozarth! It was pure joy reading her funny little anecdotes about the MTC. No one can make me laugh quite like Danielle. I miss our crazy times.

ALSO everyone should check out Zach's sports blog!! It's called Jazz Take and while, if you're like me and would rather eat a bug then watch most sporting events, this blog really illustrates the writing talents of my sweet husband. Seriously though, I believe there are people who were born to dance, who were born to paint - Zach was born to blog. And, boy howdy, he sure does a lot of it. Now not only am I competing for attention with the Utah Jazz and March Madness, but now I'm up against "the blog". Have I created a monster? Yes. but at least it's a creative monster. And it also makes us look super intellectual.



sugar free said...

How cute are you? If only I had such a cute tummy! I'll be sure not to stand next to you for the next few months.:)

Ali-Pants said...

Well, I have been eating like CRAZY the last week or so. I just seem to be hungry all of the time. So pretty soon I won't want to be standing next to you! LOL