Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Babies babies babies!

Today was our first appointment with our OB, Dr. Terry. I was a little nervous since it had been over a year since my last "womanly checkup" and we know how fun those are. But after the uncomfortable part they pulled out the ultrasound machine. It was so amazing to see the flutter of that little heart. That and the head were about the only things I could recognize (although we did see part of an arm, two feet and a little hand pressing up against my uterus). I can't believe there's a little tiny baby inside of me! It made it SO real. I now feel an even greater connection to this child then before. I can't wait to actually meet the little guy (or girl).

I also told work today. I was surprised how excited everyone was! They all hugged me and Melissa and JoAnn both screamed when I told them. Wendy pointed out that since none of them have had a baby in such a long time that it's a lot more exciting. We had a guy in our office who's wife had a baby recently but I guess it's just not the same when you work with the father.

The symtoms are pretty much same old same old. I try to eat several small meals and healthy snacks during the day rather than 3 big meals. That seems to help.

Tonight I am babysitting my neighbors baby boy, Issac. He is SUCH a good baby! He was born in October and he's at such a fun age. He smiles and coo's and didn't cry when mommy and daddy left. That will probably start in a couple of months but for now he's a big fan of any smiling face.

Whelp, I'm off to watch the rest of American Idol.

Love, ali

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Derek said...

finally, somebody else who smiles and coos. I don't feel so weird anymore.