Monday, February 4, 2008

I. heart. Iggy's.

Hmmm... what should we write in our blog today Tyke? Lets put on our thinking faces...

This weekend we hung out at the Hansen's along with the Memmotts to "watch the Super Bowl" (ie. eat too much delicious snacky food and drink lots of DC). Okay, I guess the men did watch a good portion of the game but when you have the choice of watching football or talking baby names Zach and I both picked the latter.

That's right, the news is out to the Sumsions. I'll post the video of the announcement once I figure out how to use our new camera (thanks Jill!).

So tonight marks a new level of synergy to our date nights. Zach and I have discovered Iggy's. Most of our date nights begin with an argument of where to eat. I want clean and fancy. Zach wants cheap and skanky (not the good skanky either). Okay, that is a little unfair of me to say. I guess Zach just appreciates good food for a good price and I appreciate good food and don't mind paying extra for ambiance.

Well, Iggy's has it all, my friends. It's not terribly expensive, about the same as the Olive Garden if you get a desert or appetizer. And the food is great! The facility is brand new and there isn't a bad seat in the house as far as the view of the FOUR big screen TV's which feature the sporting event of the evening. I don't care much for sports but I'll watch just about anything surrounded in luxury with a big plate of deliciousness in front of me. I think we've really found a place that can be our place. It truely has it all.

Love, ali


Derek said...

Hey, I just put up a big screen, flat screen plasma TV in my bathroom. If you ever want to eat there with zach there's room for an extra chair.

Ali-Pants said...

heck yes! I don't know when the next jazz game is but i'll let you know. maybe we could fit a couple more chairs and make it a pot-luck.