Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wow! What a city! A lot like NY but with less a-holes.

I felt eerily at home there, like I should have known the place. We ended up taking an Escalade to the hotel because it was slightly more expensive then the cab. I felt totally posh. Then we unloaded our booty into our swag hotel room and went out to see the city. We ate at a little pizza place called Giordano's which boasts the worlds best deep dish pizza. It was pretty fabulous.

After lunch I went to shop and the other two gals went to a museum (I didn't feel too bad since they discovered the museum they chose was uber lame).

My one night in Chicago was pretty rough. Not only was I a little nauseous from the little creature living inside of my belly, but the big windows overlooking the city lacked a heavy curtain to block out the light. It was also really noisy from the heater and the fridge that seemed to be on it's last leg. I got about 3 hours of sleep total.

After meetings the next day we picked up our bags from the hotel and took a terrifying taxi ride to the airport. I was so car sick by the time we arrived, I wanted to punch out our cab driver. I have never been car sick before, even with crazy cab drivers. He just insisted on tailgating every car and slamming on his breaks every other second. He didn't speak very good English but I guess punches are the same in every language. After the cab ride I was pretty sick the rest of the trip. And yesterday at work I started to get the chills and feel REALLY sick. I stayed home from work today and hope to be back tomorrow. We'll see.

So besides my little post-Chicago sickness it was a blast!

I thought of a lot of cool things to blog about during the trip but I can't remember any of them now. One thing I did notice is that I dislike take-off a lot more then landing. I guess it's just the fact of knowing it's almost over and the anticipation of seeing family is more exciting. I'm not one of those crazy fools who hates flying or anything but take-off does make me a little nervous. Once I'm in the air I basically pretend the view from the window is simply a movie.

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