Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So one thing that I really don't like about being pregnant (or being a girl for that matter) is that sometimes you just get annoyed at everything. Especially at work. Especially at certain people at work. Actually these particular people just annoy me when I'm not carrying a child or having PMS. So I guess what I really hate is annoying people.

But ya know, I guess this is good for me. I mean, I'm probably going to encounter a lot of annoying people during my short stay on earth. My husband annoys me sometimes (not very often and usually he's TRYING to annoy me) and I'm sure my kids will annoy me at some point. Maybe even on a daily basis.

Love, ali

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Derek said...

Somehow, you encountered the most annoying person on earth years ago, and somehow you became friends with him, and you choose to be around him sometimes. It must be because I met you before puberty.