Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lost dog found

When we got home from work last night this guy was curled up under the tree in our backyard where the snow had melted away. He was pretty shy and wouldn't come to either of us. He slipped out the front yard but Zach was convinced he could coax him. We followed him in the truck for a few blocks and Zach finally managed to get close enough to pet him and slip a leash around his neck. We took him home and asked some neighbors but noone knew who he was. He was totally at home in our living room and was very hungry. He also warmed right up to Zach.

I finally called animal control who took him to the shelter. After they left I put up a couple of ads on Craigslist and KSL and within 20 minutes his owner, Holly, called. She was crying and kept thanking me over and over for finding him. She went to the shelter today and got him out. She called tonight to let us know they'd gotten him and he was doing well. She thanked me again and again and offered to babysit our dog if we ever got out of town or something. VERY SWEET.

I married the most wonderful guy. Most people would have given up after the dog left their property but Zach really wanted to help. He knew that if Tyke were in the same situation that we'd be praying some good samaratin would take the time to find him and get him back to us. Zach goes above and beyond to do the right thing. He's very conscientious about how his actions will affect me and our little family. I feel so lucky every day hearing about other people's spouses that I married Zach. Way to go honey!

Pregnancy is still about the same. I'm still a little crampy each day. A new thing I have noticed, however, is my mood. I get very irritated esspecially at work. I've been trying to pay special attention to changing my attitude when I start getting stressed because I know my bodies going through some pretty insane hormonal changes right now. Tomorrow I am getting off early at 1:00 to go to Nic's birthday lunch at Gardiner Village. That is something I am looking forward to.

Nighty night.

Love, ali

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