Monday, January 28, 2008

Telling the fam...

On Sunday my mom made a big dinner for the family and my BF Danielle. Zach and I had decided to tell them at this dinner since next Sunday we'll be breaking the news to his fam. So we sit down to dinner without a game plan on how to do it. We wanted my Uncle Joe to call in the middle of dinner and tell everyone that way since at every family event since the day we've been married my Uncle Joe always makes a point to congratulate us on our new addition. It's kind of a big family joke now.

Anyways, Marshall starts talking about the new baby hampsters which were born last week and I say "Well, speaking of babies..." and Mitch goes "Are you pregnant?" and then everyone started laughing and congratulating us. Danielle and Mattie both started bawling! I knew Danielle would (she's such a sap) but I really didn't expect Mattie to cry! It was precious.

So after that whole escapade my mom called just about everyone in the fam to let them know. My cousin called me about 10 mins after I left the house and we had a happy conversation. She's pretty excited for me. We're the same age and kind of grew up together. So after such a joyous occasion I hear her gasp and she informs me that she's watching TV and the news just broke that President Hinkley has died. Talk about contrast. One of the happiest moments ever turned to one of the saddest moments ever in a flash. President Hinckly was my prophet. He's the only prophet I really know, the only prophet whom I ever heard speaking to me personally. My initial reaction to his death was to be happy for him that he's with his beloved wife. I can't imagine life without Zach and would be so devestated to have to live without him. When Sister Hinckley died the Prophet's sorrow was palpable. I am certain there was a joyous reunion in heaven and that they ran into each others arms. But it just won't be the same without him. I know the Lord will call another to lead in his stead but I will always have a tender spot in my heart for President Hinckley.

Love, ali

PS. At work today they let us go at 4:00 just to beat the traffic after the crazy snow storm. I love my job!

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