Saturday, January 5, 2008


So I caved in the other day and told my mom. She is so excited! Zach, on the other hand, was pretty pissed that I told her. We'd decided we weren't going to tell anyone until week 10-12. I kind of told her on a whim. I felt really bad when I told him. I wasn't even thinking of him having a bad reaction. But he's okay now.

I've been a little crampy the past couple of weeks. But I know that's normal. I've gotten nautious a couple of times but nothing bad yet. I hope it doesn't get worse but I'm almost sure it will. I'm not really letting myself think about the possibility of a miscarriage mostly because I have no reason to. It's not going to happen so why worry? And even if something did happen I just know that was God's plan just then.

The other night I was at a restaurant with Magen. I took her out for her birthday. At one point I went to the bathroom and when I came out I almost ran into a little girl who was coming in. I reached around the corner to push the door open for her and as it was closing my finger slipped right into the crack where the door hinges with the wall. It completely ripped my whole nail off including my natural nail. It hurt SOOOOO bad. I was in shock. I went into the bathroom and rinsed it off and then wrapped a paper towel around it. Then it started to kill. I went to the table and told Magen. She found me some Tylenol. Then I started shaking and I felt nautious, like I was going to pass out. That only lasted for about 10 minutes. I almost left but I was really glad I stayed. She is such a sweet girl. We had a good chat. Her and Kevin bought a huge house in Bluffdale and are both working really good jobs. She invites me to a lot of things but most of the time they go bar hopping and I'm not really into that.

My finger is okay today. It still hurts but mostly because of the bruising. Melissa, my neighbor who is a nurse, came over and looked at it. She said there's nothing much I can do. But it will take a long time for my nail to grow back. She's so sweet. She's wrapped it for me the last two days. I love her so much!

Love, ali

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