Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Onion... and other ramblings

I think it's time I wrote about one of my favorite websites: TheOnion.com.

I could probably spend house looking up hillarious anecdotes like the one about the best friends who secretly think of each other as a sidekick. Or the one about the kid who's embarassed because his mom's an ativist.

Sometimes I just look up random stuff and laugh so loud. But then Zach points out that the neighbors will hear because my laugh is "punchy". But I don't think my laughter is annoying to them. I certainly don't find the sound of their baby crying annoying.

Work is insanely busy right now. Every client wants some miracle at the end of the year. And although I'm happy to provide miracles when possible, it has made my life a lot more stressful.

I took some applications downtown this morning to a doc who works up in the Avenues. You know how sometimes you meet someone who, from the first instant, radiates such amazing energy that you immediately admire them? That's how I felt about this guy. He was just warm and humble and even though there were charts and stacks of papers all over his office he was so collected and just... kind.

I hope to be someone like that one day. I think it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of living up to your potential. But, as Zach has said to me many a time, you can't expect to know who you are when you're 22. I feel like I've only begun to understand my true potential and what I want out of life.

That's the problem with marrying a 19 year old. You have to be willing to love that person as they grow up. Zach was 25 when we got married and well on his way to a degree and a career. I was just a year out of high school and struggling immensely with the issues that all new high school graduates face. I'd just sent Jared out on his mission 6 months before, I was struggling with my testimony and my self-worth as a newly single young adult. I was in a constant power struggle with my parents as an 18-year-old living under their roof. I was just so young and immature and selfish. Sometimes I wonder if he had known what he was getting himself into if we'd still be here today.

But I know that timing is everything and if I had let him slip by I might not be with him today.

I feel so lucky and yet, at times, so overwhelmed. I know I just need to chill out because everything will work out but sometimes it's easy to be stressed out about big things that will eventually be better with time. I guess it's really an issue of impatience.

Love, ali

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